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Husband, Father, Musician, Photographer

I am married to the most amazing woman, Julie.  We have 3 girls, that include identical twin girls.. They are all too cute for their own good! I have a pre-med degree from the University of Akron and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University. Over the years, I have worked in pre-clinical drug research, researched skin development, commercialized inventions, and worked in compliance and privacy at a prestigious university.

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My interest in wedding photography began, surprisingly, when my wife and I were less than happy with our own wedding pictures.  I've always loved photography, but it was nothing more than a fun hobby.  A short time after our wedding, I was walking through a local mall and saw some large wedding prints from a local photographer hanging in a tux store.  I was blown away by the quality and lighting of those images.  I began to wonder, what was the difference between that photographer and our wedding photographer? Our wedding pictures looked nothing like that! 


What really makes a great photographer? How are some photographers able to take amazing photos, while other photographers take rather "blah" photos? I learned that it had to do with a combination of education and experience.  Sure, expensive cameras and gear is helpful, but they are just tools.  And yes, being creative and having a good eye is a big bonus.  But, they are useless without knowledge and experience..  After this realization, I plunged in head first, investing hours and hours learning as much as possible (in-person/online classes, books, blogs, etc) and gaining as much experience as possible. I never stop learning, often investing a few hours each week.  

Practice makes perfect!  I practiced using my wife, family, and friends.  I refused to accept money until I had mastered the fundamentals and I felt comfortable that I could deliver a quality product.  As life happened, I got more opportunities to grow as a photographer.  When my wife got pregnant, I learned maternity photography. When we had twins girls, I learned infant photography.  As friends got engaged or married, I learned engagement and wedding photography.  Eventually, these images made their way on to Facebook, and I slowly started getting requests for photoshoots.  I began accepting these requests and quickly realized that I enjoy being a photographer.  

I'm having a blast! Overtime, I was getting so many photoshoot requests that I decided to go legit and start an actual business.  The response has been amazing and so encouraging.  I've been working hard to build the type of photography business that I would want to book for my own family (or should have booked for my wedding).  I'm proud that my business has grown organically (and by positive word of mouth).  I can't wait to see what the future holds!  I'm always under the belief that my best work is ahead!


When I'm not photographing, I am a musician (piano/keyboard) and a member of the worship team of a large local church. I'm a music junkie and love spending time in my home recording studio! If I could, I would have music at every photoshoot! I also love spending time outdoors, eating "too much" Mitchell's Ice Cream, hanging with family, watching a good movie, having a good laugh, and just enjoying life. 

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