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The Cleveland Wedding Photography Experience with Andrew Michael Photography 


My goal on a wedding day is to create expressive photographs that blend emotion, creativity, and artistry. I use creative lighting, unique perspectives, angles, compositions and artistic post-production to bring out a clients best qualities and beauty.  



My style of photography involves creating crisp, clean, and vibrant imagery while preserving the color and detail of the scene using a combination of lighting techniques and post-production styles.  I keep up with all the modern photography techniques and trends. I aim to create timeless imagery, and avoid fads and trends that might look dated over time.  I love "light and airy" and "dark and moody" imagery, however, I opt to adapt that style when that specific mood enhances the overall image.  



When it comes to our photography, I consider myself a story teller.  I not only have the ability to capture the natural magic of your wedding day but I also create magic of my own while telling the full story of your wedding day. A combination of my artistic expression and your personal style will set the scene for your dream wedding. 



I believe in providing a superior experience.  I know how you feel and know what you want because my wife and I were married in 2011 and know how important wedding photography is.  My fun and relaxed approach will make your day as memorable as the images I provide.  Being a  wedding photographer is a precious gift that I don't take for granted but treasure deeply. You can count on me to tell your wedding day story and create authentic, exciting, and timeless images that you will treasure for years.

Wedding Preparation


There are so many amazing moments prior to the wedding ceremony, from the bride getting ready to the crazy antics of the groomsmen.

Wedding Party/Family


I understand that weddings are more than just unions between two individuals, they are unions of two families.   I devote proper time and attention to the family members.

Details and Venue


I know how much work and time goes into the wedding preparation, and we make sure to capture all the details big and small. 

Wedding Reception


This is where my photojournalist side really shines, as I seek out those hugs, laughs, and crazy moments. I am there to capture it all! 

Wedding Ceremony


With wedding pictures, your memories are preserved forever. My personal favorite is to get a picture of the groom as his bride walks down the aisle.

Sneak Out


I love to sneak our couples out during the reception for a few night shots.  Whether it's a starry night or a beautiful fountain, these romantic photos provide some closure to the day.  

Couples Photography


One of my goals is to make everyone feel and look beautiful in front of the camera.   This is also the time for the couple to get a little "time together" prior to the reception.

Fun Shots


I love to have fun and be spontaneous! Sometimes the best images are the ones that are unplanned and unexpected.   If I have to hang from a tree to get the shot, I'm climbing it!

Learn more about what we photograph on a wedding day

I provide full coverage from the beginning to the end of the wedding day (and everything in between).   As I mentioned above, I consider myself a story teller.  A wedding day story begins during the wedding preparation, and then begins building and evolving as the wedding day progresses.  If you look below, this is how a professional wedding photographer often views the different sections of the wedding day.  Images from each of the different sections of the day are then combined creatively into a custom wedding album to show the story of the wedding day from beginning to the end.  My client favorites are often the Couples Photography and Sneak Out, as it's a chance to get creative and to really capture their love and joy on their special day.  


I provide every bride with a beautifully finished heirloom wedding album.  As technology changes and evolves, it's comforting to know you'll have a version of your album that's compatible with the times. These aren't the albums of your parents. Long gone are the days of actual photos in mounted mattes. Today, your album will be composed of a variety of photos strategically designed to show anywhere from one large impactful image to five or six collage style images laid out on each two page spread. The photos are printed on high quality photo paper and mounted on sturdy pages with precise binding techniques. In reality, there are so few tangible takeaways from your wedding. Having your best wedding moments captured and archived as a family heirloom is truly worth it! I make the process of receiving an album easy and painless. I will custom design and order the album for you (with your feedback, of course).  All of our wedding collections include an album!



I believe that investing in quality photography should be made easy and flexible. I offer convenient online invoices where clients, after they put down the 20% retainer to reserve the date, can pay the remainder of the balance on their own timing and in as many payments as they wish. No lump sum payments, unless desired. The online invoices are great at allowing clients to keep track of their payment progress.  I also use an industry accepted wedding photography contract that can be digitally signed on a tablet, smart phone, or computer.  A signed copy is emailed after execution and can be printed if desired.    


I am client obsessed. I succeed when my clients are happy.  My clients enable me to do what I love doing. I am a passionate creative that believes success occurs at the intersection of talent, hard work, and humility. I embrace challenges, seeking out new learning opportunities, and continue to grow in my personal and professional life.  I never settle for "good enough", but strive to consistently provide a high-quality product and experience.  I will always remain available, honest, and transparent with my clients.  



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