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Twins Days Festival 2019

On August 3, 2019, we attended the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. This festival is the largest annual gathering of twins and multiples in the world!

This was our fifth year of attending, and as always, we had a blast! This year's theme was "Home for the Holidays", where everyone was encouraged to dress up for their favorite holiday. The festival had 2411 sets of twins or multiples registered for the event (highest ever recorded was 2798 in 1995).

While we went back and forth on what holiday for our girls, we eventually settled on July 4th! It actually worked on two levels, since they are actually "4" years old, AND they are celebrating July 4th. I think they were just happy to wear the colorful tutus!

One of the interesting aspects of this festival is that there are usually a few professional photographers that attend (typically from the Associated Press (AP)). On our first year of attending, a few pictures of the girls ended up in newspapers, magazines, and webpages all across the world!

In fact, if you google twins festival, our girls are often the 2nd or 3rd google image. This year was no different, after the festival I was able to locate the girls pictures in news articles across the world (for example, in South China). What can I say, I might be biased as their daddy, but they are pretty darn cute!

Have fun checking out our images from the festival!


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